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Adaptive Fine-Tuning of Building Energy Management Systems Using Co-Simulation


Simulation-Assisted Building Energy Performance Improvement Using Sensible Control Decisions


Control Strategies in Buildings with Net-Zero Energy Consumption


Nonlinear control of large scale complex systems using convex optimization tools and self-adaptation


Advanced control strategies toward achieving nearly-zero energy consumption in buildings


Implementierung einer modelbasierten prädiktiven regelung für ein nichtwohngebäude mit komplexem energiekonzept -simulationsergebnisse


Demand-Shifting using Model-assisted Control


Simulation-Assisted Adaption of a Model-Based Control Parameter Fine-Tuning Methodology For a Nonresidential Building with a Complex Energy System


Energy-efficient building ventilation control using the finite-element modeling of SRC


SRC and its applications to building thermal control


Comparing the impact of different thermal comfort constraints on a model-assisted control design process


Co-simulation Setup for online Model-assisted Control Design


SRC: a systemic approach to building thermal simulation


Simulation speedup techniques for computationally demanding tasks


Model-assisted control through co-simulation for intelligent Building Energy Management Systems design


A Sense-Think-Act methodology for intelligent building energy management


Simulation assisted implementation of a model-based control parameter fine-tuning methodology for a nonresidential building with a complex energy syst


Nonlinear Control of Large Scale complex Systems using Convex Control Design tools

A model-assisted adaptive controller fine-tuning methodology for efficient energy use in buildings

Using zoning concepts as a method of reducing...

An Energy Concept for Multifunctional Buildings with Geothermal Energy and Photovoltaic

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