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WP5 - System Integration


The objective of this WP is the integration and validation of the overall PEBBLE system in the three demonstration buildings.


BO&C System Installation per Demonstration Building

Within this task, the implementation and installation of the PEBBLE BO&C system at each of the demonstration build-ings will be conducted. This will be based on an implementation plan that is to be developed for each demonstration building as the first step within this task. The particular modules required for interfacing the PEBBLE BO&C system with the Sensors, Actuators & User-Interfaces System will be developed and implemented based on the functional specifications defined in Task 3.1. Extensive tests will be conducted to ensure the proper and reliable functioning of all BO&C system components and their interplay with the Sensors, Actuators & User-Interfaces System.

Technical Verification per Site

After finalization of the implementation (T5.1), the verification in the PEBBLE sites aims at ensuring the proper func-tioning of the whole system, i.e. the data collection and processing software, the Sensors, Actuators & User-Interfaces and the BO&C systems, the two-way communications with field devices and sensors, interfaces between subsystems, etc. Off-line testing of the BO&C system will also take place within this task: the control decisions of decisions BO&C system will be fed to the simulation models developed within WP2 in order to check that these decisions will not cause any major problem during the demonstration phase. Tasks 5.1,5.2 will be concluded with the issuing of Deliverable D5.1 (System Integration Report) that will provide with detailed information on the integrated systems as well as it will certify the proper functioning of the implemented systems.

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