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WP6 - Demonstration


To successfully demonstrate PEBBLE system at the three test buildings using a monitoring procedure.


Demonstration per Building

The demonstration at the three PEBBLE demonstration buildings is a central task of the project. The demonstration can go ahead immediately after the verification phase (T5.2) is finalized. Demonstrations will cover a period of up to 9 months so as to enable a sensible evaluation and provide the necessary time margin in case of unexpected imple-mentation delays (Figure 4 shows 10 months to allow for the finalization of the demonstration report D6.1).

The demonstration will start at month T24 of the project. During the demonstration phase, a weekly alternation be-tween two systems will be imposed:

  • EBP operation with the BO&C system being switched off (no-control case).
  • EBP operation with the BO&C system being switched on.

The weekly alternation for a long period of time between the two systems will allow the evaluation process (WP7) to gather sufficient number of data for both systems and for comparative weather/demand conditions, something that will allow a comprehensive and fair evaluation of the PEBBLE overall system (in comparison with the no-control system). During the demonstration phase, the operators will observe overall system performance, and in the unlikely event that the PEBBLE system performance deteriorates, inform the system developer, who will then take any necessary correc-tive action. Furthermore, the operators – by using the PEBBLE user-interfaces – will be able to impose constraints and additional requirements while the BO&C system is operating. Finally, special events (e.g. extreme weather condi-tions, special events where the buildings were occupied with “more than usual” number of occupants, etc) during the demonstration phase which could influence the system behavior will be logged.

Data Collection per Site

During the demonstration, sensor as well as user-input data will be collected for evaluation purposes. Furthermore, data will be collected during the demonstration phase with regards to the systems’ behavior under abnormal weather and human-influencing conditions. This will be done in accordance with the evaluation plan (T7.1), where all specifica-tions of data collection and related aggregation procedures will have been established. Data collection will be carried out at each PEBBLE demonstration building by the local site leader in close co-operation with the WP7 leader (note that the WP7 leader is also the site leader for Demonstration Building 2) to ensure that any deviations from the evalu-ation plan necessitated by whichever reason can be addressed in time for corrective action in the form of modified or amended data collection. The data collection will include, besides ordinary in-building sensor measurements, weather data as reported by the local weather stations, user and operators inputs as logged in the user-interfaces. to improve the quantitative evaluation accuracy. Operator’s surveillance will also be needed to ensure the uninterrupted collection and reliable storage of measurement data for the subsequent evaluation (T7.2). The raw data will be processed and undergo an initial check for completeness and validity, and, where necessary, data cleaning before being fed into the evaluation process in T7.2.

The tasks 6.1 and 6.2 will be concluded with the issuing of Deliverable D6.1 (Demonstration report), which will report on the proper execution of the demonstration phase along with any possible problems, difficulties or unexpected as-pects that may have occurred.

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